Healthcare Practitioners

Prolon is not yet available in Australia. We hope to have it listed with the TGA by April 2018.
In the meantime, your patients can purchase Prolon directly from L-Nutra in the USA for personal use. They can order up to 3 months’ supply (3 Prolon boxes) without an import permit.

If you are  a medical practitioner, pharmacist, dietician, naturopath, nutritionist, or other healthcare professional (see complete list) you can apply for a practitioner code to allow your patients to order Prolon directly from the US Prolon website.

The price of one Prolon box is U$ 180.

You will have to use a personal freight forwarder to get Prolon shipped to Australia. All the details will be sent in an email to you. Postage for one Prolon box to Australia is about A$110.