Prolon for Australia and New Zealand

We are working very hard to make ProLon available for Australian and New Zealand customers and we have recently located an Australian manufacturer.

We can now begin the process of registering ProLon with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a complementary medicine/food supplement.

This will, however take a few months. We estimate to have ProLon available for Australian and NZ consumers  in October.

We have just been informed, that due to recently changed regulations in the US, ShopMate is no longer licensed to accept and forward food and dietary supplements from the US to Australia. If you are still waiting for your delivery from Shopmate, please contact them directly. If you have any questions please contact us.

Alternative freight forwarders included and

See article from CHOICE about freight forwarding from the US.

Note: Reship charge $7 registration fee and about $112 in freight for one Prolon and about $228 for three Prolons. comGateway probably charge the same.

The principle of freight forwarding is the same: When you register on their site, you will be provided with a US postal address. Use this address when you first register on the US Prolon site.

If you are interested in trying the ProLon fasting-mimicking diet, please fill out the questionnaire below. It will help us to determine if ProLon is appropriate for you or you need to have a consultation with a healthcare provider.

Information for practitioners

Any questions? Please contact us.

ProLon Questionnaire

    Please use the BMI calculator to work out your BMI based on your height and weight.
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