ProLon FMD

How to purchase ProLon

Information for the public

ProLon will unfortunately not be available in Australia until late in the year.

If you can’t wait that long, we have teamed up with Australian company, LifeX Australia, to facilitate you buying ProLon directly from the US at no extra cost to you.

Please go to the LifeX Australia website to purchase ProLon directly from the US

Information for healthcare practitioners

ProLon will not be available until late in the yer.

In the meantime, your patients can purchase ProLon directly from the US website.

The other option is for you to recommend ProLon to patients and let LifeX Australia facilitate the supply directly to your patient.

We also encourage all healthcare practitioners to register on L-Nutra Australia website to gain access to medical journal articles, training videos, podcasts and other information for practitioners.


Purchase ProLon directly from the US website